The creative flair that Keith brought to our production took the vision of our director to another level. Keith’s inspired application of shape, colour and texture to our set builds provided for an extremely versatile filming environment which translated brilliantly to the screen. His exquisite attention to detail, the needs of other departments, and to budget overall is above and beyond, every time.
Michael. A. Dobbin
Producer ‘Ravers’

Keith Dunne did a phenomenal job for us as Designer on our feature film ‘Ravers’. It was an ambitious brief on a tight budget but with his painstaking attention to detail, enthusiastic and innovative approach he succeeded in producing an inspired set for our central location whilst dealing with the everyday demands of a busy schedule. His management of his team, budget & schedule was extremely impressive. He is very hands on, a great team leader and he can make the money work cleverly whilst maintaining very high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending Keith as a Designer and I certainly hope to work with him again soon.
Raimund Berens
Producer ‘Ravers’ Ironbox Films

I recently worked with Keith on Red Dwarf Series XII. We brought Keith in after the previous designer had completed Series XI. Keith embraced the idea of transforming and improving the existing standing sets with enthusiasm. His attention to detail is fantastic. He managed his team and the budget brilliantly despite the demanding schedule and last minute changes. His show piece set design was fabulous and inspired. He worked extremely hard through the entire series. I really hope I can work with him again soon.
Kerry Waddell
Producer Red Dwarf XI & XII

Keith production designed the new series of Red Dwarf, a complex and challenging show for any designer. However, from the outset Keith displayed a tremendous creativity, resourcefulness and understanding of the characters to massively enhance the look of show. His attention to detail was immense as was his ability to create exciting, distinctive sets whilst maintaining the established‘Red Dwarf look’. Keith consistently impressed despite having a tight budget and little time managing to transform our standing sets as well as constructing beautiful guest sets each and every week. Keith built new sets, recycled old ones, built some inside of others and I’m convinced at least once, summoned one out of thin air, ensuring we always hit our incredibly tight schedule.
Even more impressively Keith did all this whilst always providing a brief with detailed drawings and designs allowing for input before anything went ahead.
I would highly recommend Keith and his team on any production and look forward to working with him again soon.
Richard Naylor
Producer Red Dwarf XI & XII

Keith Dunne is a highly talented and inspiring Production Designer. We had the pleasure working with him over a period of two years on 12 x 90’ prime time TV dramas - shot on location in Cornwall and Based on books by the Cornish writer Rosamunde Pilcher. He anticipates problems, is extremely versatile, and always finds solutions (within the budget) is amenable and incredible creative. His visual flair and his design work is impeccable.
The innovative set design and his hands on approach makes him a very valuable asset to every film crew. His hard working team, managed on a very personal level, didn’t shy away from the most difficult tasks and always delivered on time and budget.
We can highly recommend working with him and would do so again, should the situation arise.
Ello Bolz
Producer ‘Rosamunde Pilcher